Tale ved overrækkelsen af Genius-prisen, 11. juni 2009.
Den er absolut ikke gennemset af en engelskkyndig, men til gengæld er den meget oprigtigt ment ;-) 

“My first words are of course; ‘Thank you”. I am extremely honored and happy to recieve this Award, given by communication professionals. I am happy and honored for my self, but also on behalf of female interpreters and interpreters in the field of humanities.

Without imitating the Oscars by thanking my mother, my dog and God ;-)  I have to mention, that I am also honored and happy on behalf of all the people, I have had the priviledge to work with, and who´s inspiration and ideas I have been influenced by. Another thought goes to the institutions and bodies I have worked for: The Danish State Archives, The National Museum of Denmark and The Danish Historical Union. Allthough we may sometimes be a little conservative and traditional, I have also met great openness to new ideas.

This is important to emphasize, for most of what I do, is done for others or in collaboration with others. It gets much better that way, and makes much more fun, when results are made together with inspired colleagues. And fun is important. Collaboration and funability are both a drive for new ideas. Another important drive, that I want to highlight, is joy. The joy of working with cultural heritage, which in my opinion is the greatest, best and most interesting subject I can think of.

Cultural heritage is a part of us all. We all have a history and we all contribute to history ourselves. And therefore, I feel, that cultural heritage has to be – and relate to us – where we all are.  As interpreters, communicators and institutions, we have to live in – and be a part of – the same world as everybody else. This, in my opinion, goes for all worlds: cultural, physical and digital. We have to explore and embrace new media, from social networking sites to microblogging  – dive into the vast kingdom of virtual worlds, allways going further …and after that a little step beyond, in pursuit of new platforms for interpretation. Or – perhaps more important, new platforms for dialogue.

Another key point is to remember the curiosity and wonder, which first initiated our own interest in the topics we deal with. We probably didn´t start with the urge to read complex or difficult papers. More likely, it started with a great story, a magnificent document or a fantastic object, which made us go “wow!”. I think, that we have to remember – maybe sometimes rediscover – the “wow!” as a tool for communicating our topics. If we have no enthusiasm, no fire ourselves, how could we ever start a spark in someone else?

At this point I must apologize for not comming up with something more deep in an acceptance speech as this. Especially when I think of the name of the prize, the Genius-Award. But what I try to do is just to combine the funability in cultural heritage with embracing new technologies. And at the same time relate to the interest and culture of the normal, everyday man or woman. I also make a point of not thinking of “an audience” but just of “all the other people, that love cultural heritage just as I do myself”.

And by saying this I will close, thanking once again for the Award and the honor it represents. I will dio my very best to keep on deserving it.